The Best Spring and Summer Remodeling Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home

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Since there are a lot of options for a home remodeling or renovation, it can get overwhelming trying to choose which one you should invest in first. For some ideas, please read on!

Deck Addition

Our expert home renovation contractors in Boston, MA, can design and build the perfect deck for your home or brownstone, no matter the size of your outdoor space! Investing in a deck addition can increase the aesthetic and monetary value of your home. It offers a great space for you and your loved ones to relax outdoors, especially in the summer.

Siding Improvements

One of the first things people notice about your home is the outside of it. With a siding renovation or replacement, your home can transform from old to refreshed and new. A great option to consider is energy-efficient and eco-friendly siding. With the rise of new technology and models, your home’s siding can help save you money in the long run. Newer siding can help insulate your home and cut energy costs down.

New Paint Job

If you can’t spend too much on a home renovation this season, a good option for you is a professional paint job. It can refresh the interior or exterior of your home and also save you some money and time.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Windows

New windows not only freshen up the look of an outdated home but also can save you energy costs! They offer better insulation to trap either heat or cool air inside your home and also increase the value of your property!


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Tips For Preparing Your Home for Spring



With the spring weather approaching, you will definitely want to begin your spring cleaning to prepare your home for the nice weather. For some great ideas on starting this process, please read on!

Put Items Into Storage

Space can be limited when you live in Boston, which is why investing in a storage space for your unused items is a good idea. Pack all your winter clothes, equipment, shoes, etc. to ensure you have more space for your spring and summer items.

Consider a Home Renovation Project

Spring is a great time to finally start your project for a home renovation or addition. Our expert home renovation contractors in Boston, MA will work closely with you to help you plan your project. We can help you plan and build anything from a kitchen remodel to a deck addition.

Schedule Maintenance Visits

Before the spring storms begin, you will want your roof, shingles, windows, and other exterior parts of your home inspected. You can also schedule a visit from a HVAC maintenance man to check your unit to ensure it’s working the way it should.

Purchase a New Refrigerator

A lot of refrigeration manufacturers discount their products because they are preparing to showcase their newest models in the summer. If you are looking to replace your old refrigerator, now is a good time to start looking!


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Tips to Increase Your Budget for a Kitchen Remodeling in Boston, MA

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A kitchen remodel is always a fun and exciting project but it can get overwhelming trying to figure out the budget. Read on to learn some tips for planning and increasing your budget for your kitchen remodeling in Boston, MA, and nearby regions!

Schedule an Inspection

An inspection is not only required by the law but it also can save you a lot of money in the long run. If your renovations don’t meet the housing code requirements, you might end up spending a lot of money on changing electrical work or pipes.

Inspect Your Existing Plumbing Layout

Since you are doing a remodel of your kitchen, it is important that you and our home renovation contractors in Boston, MA, know all of the pre-existing plumbing work in your home. You will want to design your remodel around the plumbing because moving the plumbing can be very costly.

Pick Energy- Efficient Appliances

Updating your appliances in your kitchen can actually save you money in the long run because a lot of newer models boast being energy-efficient. Keeping your older models might seem like you’re saving money for other things but you might discover that the older appliances cost more to run. If you have a limited budget, you might also want consider which appliances you absolutely need to replace and which ones will last longer. For example, a refrigerator needs replacement every 15 years but a cooktop will last longer. You should also make sure there are warranties on the products you buy and what each warranty will cover.

Consider Replacing the Hardware Instead

If you want to refresh the look of your kitchen, replacing the knobs, pulls, and handles can make a huge difference. This is an especially great idea if your cabinets and other appliances in your kitchen are still in good condition. You can play around with different materials and finishes to provide an interesting contrast in your kitchen.


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Reasons You Should Build a Deck Onto Your Home


As a homeowner in Boston, you might think that the last thing you can have on your house is an outdoor deck. However, installing a deck on your brownstone might be one of the best things for you and your family! Read on to learn some reasons on why investing in a deck for your home is a great idea.

Increase the Value

Your home is a long term investment and more work you put into improving your home, the higher you can sell it for! People love the idea of a deck because it’s a place they can relax, entertain guests, and expand your living space. If you plan to sell your home eventually, potential buyer might be more attracted to your home and willing to offer more money to buy it.

Increase Your Living Space

With a deck, you are taking full advantage of the outdoor space that you have in the backyard. It can be a gorgeous extension of your home from the living room or kitchen. Just picture a nice summer day where you are preparing dinner in the kitchen and your children are playing on the deck outside.

Your Personal Getaway

Boston is a gorgeous city but it is still a city and it can be nice to get away from the hustle and bustle. With a deck, you can have your own private area to lay out in the sun with a nice book. Life can be hectic and it’s always nice to have a place to relax in that doesn’t require you leaving your home!


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The Top 2017 Trends for Home Renovation

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Even if you don’t plan on selling your home right now, investing in it will always help you see a bigger return on it. For some of the top trends of 2017 for home renovations, please read on!


The trend of renovating the kitchen into a more comfortable, efficient, space has recently popped up in the last couple of years. People want their kitchens to be a place where their guests and family can hang out in and as a result, they want to make them look more decorated, fancier, and accessible. The best part about renovating your kitchen is that a little can go a long way. If you do not want to spend too much time or money, you can change up the smallest part of the kitchen such as the cabinets, the appliances, or even the decorations. A lot of homeowners want functioning islands in their kitchen as a place to food prep, cook their meals, entertain guests, or eat with their families.


With the rise in new styles of bathtubs, sinks, and storage, the desire to incorporate these new products is fueling many homeowners’ desires to change up their bathrooms. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house and as a result, you want it to be a tranquil palace you can retreat from the world. Installing a new bathtub or shower can do a lot to increase the efficiency of the room. A lot of homeowners are also looking to make their home more eco-friendly and in the bathroom, you can find water-saving toilets, showerheads, and faucets. If you want a simpler and cost-saving renovation for your bathroom, consider repainting the walls with a soft, neutral color. Earthy tones are more popular in 2017 as people want a more minimal, low-maintenance feel to their homes.

Master Suites

A lot of homeowners want a private space where they can retreat to relax from their busy day to day. For a master suite remodel or installation, you might want to consider soothing color tones, high tech amenities, and comfy furniture. The idea behind a lavish master suite is to feel as if you are in a 5 star hotel room on a luxury vacation!


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The Top 2017 Trends for Home Decorations and Furnishing


If you are looking to revamp the look of your home with the help of our experienced home renovation contractors in Boston, MA, read on for some home renovation ideas that are trending in 2017!

Mixing the Past, Present, and Future

A huge trend that popped up in modern homes is incorporating antique pieces with modern decorations and appliances. If you have antique clocks, cabinets, etc. you might want to consider touching them up and use them as a gorgeous nod to the past. The worn out look also provides a stark, eye-catching contrast to the shiny, metallic modern appliances and technology.

Space Savvy Furniture

Another recent trend in the home is to save as much space as possible to increase the efficiency of your space. A lot of homeowners are gravitating towards furniture and storage pieces that are scaled to the space or custom-designed to fit. They are also choosing furniture pieces that are versatile in utility; coffee tables that have compartments for pillows, blankets, or even fold into chairs, mirrors that reveal a small wardrobe, sofa beds that turn into a guest bed, etc.

Technology in Kitchens and Living Rooms

A lot of homeowners are investing in new technology for kitchens and living rooms such as voice activated speakers, iPads, appliances you can control with your smartphone, etc. to improve their home experience.


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